Pete and Nicki Matthew

Pete and Nicki Matthew: Pete is our Senior Minister. He’s been in full-time church work since 2003, but before that he was a salesman and sold all sorts. Nicki is a primary school teacher. They love hospitality and have worked out a good partnership — Pete does lots of chatting and Nicki lots of cooking!

Sam Allberry: Sam was our “start-up minister” and is now the Chair of Trustees. He is a speaker with the Zacharias Trust and an editor for The Gospel Coalition. Sam is a writer, a thinker, and makes a mean Thai curry!

Photo of Curt and Janice

Curt and Janice Hopkins: Curt is a technology executive with a penchant for running and golf. Janice organises discussion groups, and a dog!

Photo of Andy and Alicia Felce

Andy and Alicia Felce: Alicia manages to read stacks of books while keeping track of her large family, and Andy puts physics to the test while flying light aircraft.

Sam and Arlene Carson

Sam and Arlene Carson: Sam and Arlene juggle many family commitments back in their native Northern Ireland. Fabulously gifted at entertaining, you can be sure that with the Carsons around there will always be lovely food at our church socials!

William and Alex Moore

William and Alex Moore: Both teachers, William and Alex have lived in the Windsor area for more than twenty years during which time they have raised their three children. They spend every summer in Cornwall and are still waiting to see the sun there!