Christ is Risen

Christ is Risen!risen

Tomorrow the Christian church around the world will celebrate the central point of our faith—the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Victorious over sin and triumphant over death, Jesus not only fulfilled thousands of years of Old Testament prophecy but he also fulfilled his own predictions.

Mark 10:32-34

Again, he took the Twelve aside and told them what was going to happen to him. “We are going up to Jerusalem,” he said, “and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and teachers of the law. They will condemn him to death and will hand him over to the Gentiles, who will mock him and spit on him, flog him and kill him. Three days later he will rise.”

May the glorious, risen King be evermore real to you this Easter.


For Easter Sunday, Will Stileman will be preaching on 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 – the earliest creed that Paul received and passed on.  We will also be celebrating communion. Please join us for this joyous occasion!

Apologetics for Teens – All of the youth are invited to come along on Thursday, 31 March at 8 pm to the Felce’s home for an engaging apologetics session with Oliver Strange. A second session (covering different material) will take place at the Hopkins’ home over lunch on Sunday, 10 April at 12 noon. Please RSVP here if you or your teen would like to come. 

Our next Prayer Evening will take place on Wednesday, 20 April at 7:30 pm.

Why do so many people suffer so much?

Our Big Questions series has generated a lot of discussion and this Sunday’s question is perhaps the most difficult of all: “Why do so many people suffer so much?” Do take this opportunity to come along and learn how Christians can answer this tough question.

This Sunday we will have our first baptism at the Windsor Fellowship. Please be in prayer for both the logistics of the event as well as the many guests that have been invited.


On Good Friday, 25 March, Churches Together in Windsor will be having a Good Friday Witness service at 12 noon on Peascod Street across from the Post Office. All are welcome. 

For Easter Sunday we will be celebrating communion. Please join us for this joyous occasion!

Apologetics for Teens – Oliver Strange will be leading two sessions on apologetics for the youth. The first session will be on Thursday, 31 March at 8 pm at the Felce’s home. The second session will be over lunch at the Hopkins’ on Sunday, 10 April at 1 pm. Please RSVP here if you or your teen would like to come. 

If God really exists, why doesn’t he prove it?

In the same way that many people take exercise to strengthen their physical muscles, we all have spiritual muscles that need flexing too. Our current series of Big Questions helps us do that. Last week, Sam Allberry looked at the question, “Is death the end?” The answer, taken from the life of Jesus, is a resounding “no!” If you missed the talk, you can listen online here.

This Sunday, Oliver Strange will lead us in exploring another question: “If God really exists, why doesn’t he prove it?” Please join us for this talk and holy communion.


Wednesday, 16 March will be our next Prayer Focus evening. All are welcome to come together for an encouraging hour of prayer. We will meet at 7:30 for 8 pm at Beech House, Hermitage Lane, SL4 4AZ.

On Palm Sunday, 20 March, Jack Hopkins will be baptised. Please be in prayer for guests who have been invited and for the logistics of the service.

On Good Friday, 25 March, Churches Together in Windsor will be having a Good Friday Witness service at 12 noon on Peascod Street across from the Post Office. All are welcome.

The Windsor Fellowship


When someone starts shouting at us, our natural inclination is usually to head away from that person, not toward him or her. But Jesus responded tenderly to the pleadings of Bartimaeus, a man who risked the rebuke of his neighbours in his quest to be touched by the Lord.

Taking risks is part of both the giving and receiving of God’s great Good News. When we reach out to tell people about Jesus, we risk rejection. When we reach out to help a needy person, we risk being taken advantage of. But if we don’t do these things we risk displeasing the Lord, who set an example by freely reaching out to all kinds of people.

Receiving the gospel is also a risk. It means letting go of old patterns of sin, breaking off destructive relationships and being willing to let the Lord expose and then heal painful areas of our past. The great news is that God’s love is so good and so liberating that it’s worth every risk.

Thoughts on Mark 10:46-52 taken from NIV Starting Point Study Bible, Zondervan 2002.

“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.”   William GT Shedd


This Sunday, Sam Allberry will be answering the first of three Big Questions: Is death the end? Please be in prayer for all who
come. Next Sunday, the Big Question will be: If God really exists, why doesn’t he prove it? And on 20 March we will think about: Why do so many people suffer so much?

March 20 will also be a first at Windsor Fellowship as we will be having a baptism service.

Wednesday, 16 March is our next Prayer Evening at Beech House, Hermitage Lane, SL4 4AZ. Come at 7:30 for an 8 pm start.

Distinctiveness and Discipleship

Last Sunday Will Stileman spoke about Christian distinctiveness from Mark 9:30-50. First, we are to be humble servants and not have a pecking order. Jesus showed his greatness by being a servant to all. Second, we are to be inclusive. Jesus said that if people aren’t against us, they are for us. Therefore, we should offer other Christians a hand of friendship. And last, we are to be ruthless with sin in our lives. Jesus says if something keeps causing us to sin we must do something about it.

These are challenging words from the lips of Jesus. It’s easy to float along in God’s love and mercy not realising that our Saviour has steep requirements for us. Thankfully, He is with us each step of the way.


Pancake Sunday—Everyone is invited to our Pancake Social after the service tomorrow! There will be both British and North American pancakes on offer, and it will be a great time for getting to know one another better.

Youth Social—Pool party on Friday 19 February at the Felce’s (time TBC). All teenagers welcome. 

Saturday, 27 February, 8:15-9:45 am—At the next Men’s Breakfast, Dirk Booy of World Vision will be leading a discussion on a Christian view of poverty.

Sunday, 28 February—Church-wide Meeting. Please plan to stay after the service for an update on the direction of the Windsor Fellowship.

Frailty and Fear

“I believe—help me in my unbelief!”

Probably, we can all relate to the father we meet in Mark 9. He desperately wanted his son to be made well and he did believe that Jesus could heal him—almost. We all struggle with doubts and fears. Although we want our faith to grow, we may feel that the journey feels like “one step forward, two steps back.”

This wonderful passage shows us that Jesus delights to help weak people. He understands our frailty and asks us simply to acknowledge our utter dependence on God. Our faith must rest in God’s power and His extraordinary character. We can do nothing without Him.


Please plan to stay after the service on Sunday, 7 February when we will be enjoying a pancake supper together and playing games.

Mark your calendars and come along to our next church meeting after the service on Sunday, 28 February. There will be an update about the direction of the Fellowship.

Show us Christ…

Yesterday, we sang these beautiful words:

Prepare our hearts, O God
Help us to receive
Break the hard and stony ground
Help our unbelief
Plant Your Word down deep in us
Cause it to bear fruit
Open up our ears to hear
Lead us in Your truth
Show us Christ…


May we all grow in our understanding of Jesus this week.


On Wednesday, we will have a prayer evening at Beech House, Hermitage Lane, Windsor, SL4 4AZ. All are welcome to come. We will be praying for each other, for our Fellowship, and for the wider community. Tea/coffee will be served from 7:30 with the meeting beginning at 8 and finishing at 9:15.

The next Men’s Breakfast will be on Saturday, 30 January at 8:15 am (finishing by 9:45). Please meet at The George Inn on Eton High Street for breakfast and an interesting, Bible-based discussion.

On Sunday, 7 February we will have a social time directly after the service. A pancake supper will be served and we will enjoy some fun and games!

Infinitely valuable

“Infinitely valuable.” That is how Oliver Strange described the human soul in his talk on Sunday. You are of infinite worth. You are more precious than a Bugatti or a Rolex or a penthouse in Dubai. You are more valuable than any company (even Apple), any film (even Star Wars) or any song (even Adele’s). Your name might not be on the “Who’s Who of 2015” but God has a book that lists his children’s names and He cherishes your friendship.

This teaching comes with challenges. Do I act like a child of the King? Do I treat the foreign checkout girl with honour? Does kindness mark my family? Do I judge others by their clothes, their house, their IQ?

Realising that we are infinitely valuable and loved beyond all measure makes us completely different people. Instead of striving for change this New Year, perhaps it makes more sense to learn to rest in God.


New sermon series—Following Jesus. This term we’re looking at a section of the Gospel of Mark all about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. He does not mince his words. We’ll be looking at some of the most challenging things Jesus has to say. Yet throughout, Jesus claims following him is the only way to find life in its fullness. 

Prayer Evening—Wednesday, 20 January, 7:30 for 8 pm. Please join us at Beech House, Hermitage Lane, SL4 4AZ as we pray for Windsor and each other. There will be no pressure for anyone to pray aloud if they don’t want to. Just your presence would be an encouragement to others!

Pancake Sunday—On Sunday, 7 February we will have a social event directly after the 4 pm service. Everyone will be welcome to stay for a pancake supper!


Sometimes it does seem arrogant to think that as Christians we are sure we are going to heaven. It seems pride-full, and isn’t pride the antithesis of Christianity?

At the conclusion of our study of John’s letter (1 John 5:13-21) we were reminded that our confidence in eternal life is not arrogant because that confidence lies in the fact that Jesus paid the price—not us. Our faith is in His work, not our works. Grace drenches us in His love and we cannot but sing His praise. So, in fact, Christianity humbles us because our focus turns from us to God.


In the run-up to Christmas we will be studying some Old Testament passages. This Sunday it will be Genesis 3:8-15, Nov 29 Isaiah 11:1-9 and December 6 Micah 5:2-5. On Sunday, December 13 we will hold a Carol Service and on December 20 there will be an all-age Christingle Service.

 For those who aren’t familiar with the term Christingle, it means “Christ light” and is a symbolic way of showing that Jesus is the light of the world. Oranges topped with candles and sweets are passed out and the symbols explained. Kate Wheatley, Children’s Worker at St Mary’s Maidenhead, will be teaching us that day. We will also have extra musicians visiting on 20 December to help us celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Please be thinking about who you might invite to our Christmas services. We will have invitation cards available soon for you to give away. They read “Love came down!”


The Windsor Fellowship


Nike. For most of us that word just means a footwear brand. However, nike is the Greek word “to overcome” and this word is used three times in the space of two verses in 1 John 5:4-5. John tells us that we can “overcome the world” through faith in Jesus Christ. Simply put, belief in Jesus allows us to prevail over sin. Jesus gives us victory over our own wrong thinking and wrong behaviour. Christians will overcome evil, which gives us amazing hope.

This Sunday we will finish our study of John’s first letter. Like the first century believers he was writing to, we can learn a great deal about God’s Son from John, one of Jesus’ closest friends. We trust that your faith has flourished through this study.

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