Your dreams for 2020

Happy New Year!

The new year is a time to think about your dreams.  What do you want your life to be like in five years’ time?  What steps do you need to take to achieve those dreams?  Perhaps this is even more so at the start of a new decade.

It’s the same for our church family, what are your dreams for the Windsor Fellowship Church?  What would you like the church to look like in five years’ time?  What are the steps we need to take to achieve those dreams?  What’s your role in taking these steps?  This is a great time for us to dream big.

In all our dreaming and plans, for ourselves and our church family, where does God fit in?  Today at church we’re thinking about 1 Corinthians 3, in all we do, with all our efforts, we need to look, trust and rely on God to do the work.  “Nether the one who plants nor the one waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow.”  (1 Corinthians 3:7)

So, in 2020, let’s dream big, let’s work together, and let’s trust God to make things grow.

We rely on God for growth, but we need to do the ‘planting and watering’:

  • Be regular at church to encourage each other.  Very helpful article by our Sam Allberry, Your Church needs you, can be found here
  • Be committed to prayer.  Come to the prayer meeting – our next one is tomorrow evening, Monday 6th Jan.  If God is the one who makes things grow then we need to talk to him in prayer.
  • Be involved in talking about Jesus.  God makes things grow, he gets the credit, but we’re involved.  Plant the seed, water it, and trust God.  Our next Christianity Explored course starts on January 16th.  What about your friend who came to the Jeremy Marshall evening/the wreath making/carol service/nativity?  Invite them to come along.

Happy New Year and see you this afternoon to encourage each other to rely on God who makes things grow.

Christmas is coming

Christmas is almost here – who can you invite to come along to one of our events?

Christmas is a great time of year. Fun, parties, presents, Brussels sprouts. And, of course, the celebration of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Plus, Christmas is a great time of year because it’s an easy time to talk to our friends about Jesus. People are more receptive to come along to a carol service or nativity. And that is wonderful because we want our friends to hear about Jesus.

In our sermons from Hebrews we’ve been reminded that Jesus is the only way to be saved. Jesus is stratospherically superior to any other option. He is the unique means of salvation, and that’s what our friends need to hear. So, please do invite a horde of people to come along to our various Christmas events.

Also, we have bundles of flyers to deliver around Windsor, so please do help with this distribution. And why not take a bundle to give out to your neighbours? On our Facebook page we have all our Christmas events so, if you are socially media minded, you could invite them that way.

Friday 1st December – Christmas Wreath Making – Ladies’ guest event – A fun, relaxed evening making Christmas wreaths. This is a ticketed event. Please contact Nicki Matthew if you’d like to come.

Saturday 9th December 6pm – Carols…in a pub! – Great fun, great carols, great atmosphere – Duchess of Cambridge pub – If you were there last year, you won’t need convincing to come along. If you weren’t there, ask someone who was and they’ll tell you it was brilliant!

Sunday 10th December 4pm – All Age Nativity – Everyone who wants a part is guaranteed a role – last year we had babies to granddads dressed up! A great event for all the family.

Saturday 16th December 7.30pm – Church Christmas Social – Beech House, Hermitage Lane, SL4 4Z. Bring a wrapped Christmas ornament and we will play a silly game!

Sunday 17th December 4pm – Carols by (some) candlelight – Traditional service of lessons and carols – the youth centre can actually look Christmassy!

Sunday 24th December 4pm – Low key carols – Relaxed Christmas Eve service.

Monday 25th December 10am – Christmas Day Celebration – Hopkins’ house – Beech House, Hermitage Lane, SL4 4AZ. If in Windsor, please join the church family in celebrating the birth of our Saviour.


Pete Matthew
Senior Minister, Windsor Fellowship Church
07919 577676

Thank God for Harvest

Harvest is a great time of year to remind us to give thanks to God for all He is and all He does and all He has given us. Giving thanks also reminds us of how God has blessed us and that encourages us to be generous. Below is a wonderful photograph of some children in the Lebanon receiving some of the clothes donated by you. Thank you for your generosity.

We have a “Thank God for Harvest” event coming up on Sunday 1st October at 2pm. It will be a fun filled, all age family event. There will be games and crafts and activities and food, and a short talk about giving thanks to God for all he has given us. Please pray for this event and think about who you can invite to come with you?

Additionally, during our normal church meeting from 4pm, on the 1st October, we have Ruth from Compassion International coming to tell us about her experiences growing up in South East Asia as a sponsored child. There will be an opportunity for us to think whether we could sponsor a child ourselves, perhaps that could be your harvest gift this year.

Upcoming events:

Saturday 16th September 4pm – Church BBQ – a wonderful chance to spend time with each other – RSVP to

Thursday 21st September 7.45pm – Women’s evening with Sarah Sayer as guest speaker – RSVP to

Sunday 1st October 2pm – Thank God for Harvest – All Age family fun activity afternoon in celebration of Harvest

Looking ahead:

November 11th – A Monk’s Tale – A professionally performed comedy play about the reformation – Windsor Youth & Community Centre – Tickets and more details coming soon

What’s your vision like?

What’s your vision like? Not seeing clearly is a real problem. Without my glasses I stumble around and can’t find anything. That image is also true of us as a church. If we don’t a have a clear vision we’ll stumble around and be ineffective.

Therefore, to help us all see clearly what we’re trying to be like and what we’re striving to do here at the Windsor Fellowship Church we’re going to have a Vision and Mission Dinner on the 21st April. At this dinner we’ll have a great time together as a church family and think about our vision as a church. As a group, we will think about what God wants us to do and how we can work towards that goal.

Please put this event in your diary now and do all you can to be with us. It will be in the evening. Other details have yet to be finalised. We’re hoping this Dinner will enthuse all of us to want to be involved in all we do as a church family.

Upcoming events:

Monday 6th March – 7.30pm – Youth Bible Study – A new group for our teenagers to meet to discuss whether the Bible is true and how it might be relevant to their lives. For more information contact Pete Matthew.
Wednesday 15th April – 7.45pm – Monthly Prayer Meeting – 90 Frances Road, SL4 3AN
Saturday 25th March – Youth event and social – More details from Alicia Felce

Future dates for your diary:

Sunday 2nd April – 2pm – Thank God for Easter – Windsor Youth & Community Centre – A fun, family event which will flow into our normal Sunday meeting.
Good Friday 14th April – 10am – All age celebration of Jesus’ death on the cross – Windsor Youth & Community Centre – An interactive re-telling of the Good Friday story
Good Friday 14th April – 11.00am – An hour at the cross – Windsor Youth & Community Centre – Quiet reflection on Jesus’ sacrifice in our place for our sins
Easter Sunday – 16th April – 4pm – All age Easter celebration – Windsor Youth & Community Centre
Friday 21st April – 7.30pm – Vision Dinner – Details to be confirmed

Pete Matthew
Senior Minister, Windsor Fellowship Church
07919 577676

Stand firm – we’re in a battle

God has done everything for us to be part of his family and has given us every spiritual blessing in Christ.  Our job is to live a life worthy of that calling.  This is the central point of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.  It’s fair to say it doesn’t always feel like that and that’s because, as the letter made clear, we’re in a spiritual battle.  Thankfully, Jesus has won and he’s given us the armour of God to enable us to stand firm.  Paul wrote the letter to encourage us to keep going.  Jesus has won the ultimate victory and therefore we can, with confidence, live reflecting our eternal identity.

Ephesians reminded us that God has given us faith so we know the truth about Christ and are adopted into his family.  We have a wonderful opportunity to share that truth over the coming weeks with the imminent onset of Christmas.  This Saturday at 6pm please bring people along to the “Carols… in a pub!” at the Duchess of Cambridge Pub.  Also, bring friends, family, neighbours, people you’ve only met once, whoever, along to the All-Age Nativity at the youth centre at 4pm this Sunday.

Upcoming events:

Carols… in a pub!  – Saturday 10th December – 6pm – Duchess of Cambridge Pub, Windsor High Street
All-Age Nativity –  Sunday 11th December – 4pm – Windsor Youth & Community Centre
Carol Service –  Sunday 18th December – 4pm – Windsor Youth & Community Centre
Monthly Prayer Meeting – Wednesday 21st December – 7.30pm – 90 Frances Road, SL4 3AN
Christmas Day Celebration – Sunday 25th December – 10am – 90 Frances Road, SL4 3AN
New Year’s Day Ramble & Tea –  From 1pm – tea 4pm—Beech House, Hermitage Lane, SL4 4AZ


Pete Matthew
Senior Minister, Windsor Fellowship Church
07919 577676

Live like we’re a family

We’re one family in the church.  It’s a slightly crazy thought that Christians are our true, eternal brothers and sisters.  We’re a diverse bunch with all kinds of backgrounds, experiences, and nationalities, and yet we are all part of God’s family, the church.  As Ephesians has shown us, the existence of the church displays the manifold wisdom of God.  I know when we meet as the Windsor Fellowship Church it doesn’t feel like we’re displaying something as magnificent as God’s own wisdom, but that’s what Paul tells us we are doing.

The implications of us being part of God’s own family are vast and Paul spells them out in the rest of the letter to the Ephesians.  The big headline is for all of us to “live a life worthy of the calling we have received” (Eph 4:1).  He then goes on to explain what that looks like.  We need to use all the gifts that God has given us for the sake of our church family to help us to grow in unity and become mature followers of Christ.  We’re on a trajectory to full unity and complete maturity as each part depends on Christ and does its work.  We’re going to spend the next few weeks at church thinking about what that actually looks like.

I’m very excited about our upcoming Christmas events. The “Carols… in a pub!” on Saturday 10th is at 6pm and our nativity on Sunday 11th will be at 4pm.  Do pray for the planning and logistics of these events.  Also, please pray for people to come and think who you could invite.  We will have some flyers soon to promote these events.

Upcoming events:

16th November – Monthly prayer meeting – 7.30-9.15pm – “The Rectory”, 90 Frances Road, Windsor, SL4 3AN
19th November – Men’s Breakfast
2nd December – Windsor Fellowship Church Christmas Social – more details will be announced this Sunday at church
10th December – Carols… in a pub! – 6pm – The Duchess of Cambridge Pub
11th December – Christmas Nativity – 4pm – Windsor Youth Centre
18th December – 4pm – Christmas Carols & Windsor Fellowship Church
25th December – Christmas Day Celebration – 10am – “The Rectory”, 90 Frances Road, Windsor, SL4 3AN
1st January – New Year’s Day Ramble & Tea – Details to follow soon.

Freedom & Confidence

I’m really enjoying looking at Ephesians.  It’s great to think about all that God has done for us, the church.  He has provided the answer to the world’s greatest needs—the good news about Jesus Christ.  Division is at the heart of our problems—division between nations, groups, individuals and, ultimately of course, between us and God.  The Gospel is the answer to these problems.  We were hostile but through the cross, God has healed the division.

That’s what we’ve seen so far and this week, in Ephesians 3, we’re going to think about the result of all that God has done for us.  Because of all that is described in chapters 1 and 2 “we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” (Ephesians 3:12)  At some point this week why not spend a few moments reflecting on the implications of that statement.  Think about the fact that you, a sinner who in your nature is hostile to God, can approach him with “freedom and confidence.”

Now, this invitation to approach God in this way is open to all through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Ultimately, that’s why Christmas is so fantastic.  Amongst the presents, parties, food, and celebration, the heart of Christmas is that through that baby born in a manger we can approach God with freedom and confidence.  (Did you enjoy the subtlety of that link into Christmas?)  Next month we have the best opportunity to share this invitation with everyone we know.  People are much more receptive to an invite to a church event at Christmas because instinctively they know that the real ‘reason for the season’ is about the nativity story.

So, we’re putting on 2 Christmas events. On the 11th December we’re going to have a Children’s Nativity Carol Service at 4pm.  (Previously we had said the 18th, but there are other carol services happening in Windsor on that date so rather than clash we decided to go a week earlier.)  Every child that comes along can take part if they want to.  So, who do you know with children who you could invite to come with you?  Neighbours, colleagues, grandchildren, invite them all!

We’re also planning to do something more aimed at the grown ups.  This will either be on Saturday 10th or Sunday 11th at 7pm. We’re still working out exactly what this will be, but put both dates in your diary and start thinking about who you could invite and we will confirm ASAP.  Hopefully at church this Sunday.

Upcoming events:

16th November – Monthly prayer meeting – At the ‘Rectory’, 90 Frances Road, SL4 3AN – 7.30pm to 9.15pm
2nd December – Windsor Fellowship Church Christmas Social
11th December – 4pm – Children’s Nativity & Carols
25th December – 10am – Christmas Day celebration
1st January – New Year’s Day ramble followed by tea & cake


Pete Matthew