Live like we’re a family

We’re one family in the church.  It’s a slightly crazy thought that Christians are our true, eternal brothers and sisters.  We’re a diverse bunch with all kinds of backgrounds, experiences, and nationalities, and yet we are all part of God’s family, the church.  As Ephesians has shown us, the existence of the church displays the manifold wisdom of God.  I know when we meet as the Windsor Fellowship Church it doesn’t feel like we’re displaying something as magnificent as God’s own wisdom, but that’s what Paul tells us we are doing.

The implications of us being part of God’s own family are vast and Paul spells them out in the rest of the letter to the Ephesians.  The big headline is for all of us to “live a life worthy of the calling we have received” (Eph 4:1).  He then goes on to explain what that looks like.  We need to use all the gifts that God has given us for the sake of our church family to help us to grow in unity and become mature followers of Christ.  We’re on a trajectory to full unity and complete maturity as each part depends on Christ and does its work.  We’re going to spend the next few weeks at church thinking about what that actually looks like.

I’m very excited about our upcoming Christmas events. The “Carols… in a pub!” on Saturday 10th is at 6pm and our nativity on Sunday 11th will be at 4pm.  Do pray for the planning and logistics of these events.  Also, please pray for people to come and think who you could invite.  We will have some flyers soon to promote these events.

Upcoming events:

16th November – Monthly prayer meeting – 7.30-9.15pm – “The Rectory”, 90 Frances Road, Windsor, SL4 3AN
19th November – Men’s Breakfast
2nd December – Windsor Fellowship Church Christmas Social – more details will be announced this Sunday at church
10th December – Carols… in a pub! – 6pm – The Duchess of Cambridge Pub
11th December – Christmas Nativity – 4pm – Windsor Youth Centre
18th December – 4pm – Christmas Carols & Windsor Fellowship Church
25th December – Christmas Day Celebration – 10am – “The Rectory”, 90 Frances Road, Windsor, SL4 3AN
1st January – New Year’s Day Ramble & Tea – Details to follow soon.

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