“This is your mission if you choose to accept it.”  Frog Orr-Ewing speaking this Sunday at the Windsor Fellowship

Up for a challenge?

Those of us who have encountered Jesus know that we have stumbled upon a really good thing. Life certainly isn’t perfect, but we now have the assurance of forgiveness and amazing hope for the future! We can stop striving for things that really don’t matter and rest in God’s love.

So how can we encourage others to give Jesus a try? How can we spread the joy and peace?

Frog Orr-Ewing is rector of Latimer Minster in Beaconsfield. He and his wife, Amy, have been great Windsor Fellowship encouragers and Frog will be coming this Sunday to instruct us and cheer us on in our outreach to our community.

No doubt his words will be challenging, but my guess is that we are up for a challenge! See you on Sunday at 4 pm at the Youth Centre.

Is the Church of England Disappearing?

New church in Windsor exploring key life questions surrounding origin, meaning, morality and destiny

WINDSOR, UK. — 22 September 2015 Headlines shout that the Church of England is fading; that it is no longer relevant. But throughout the land there are many efforts to revitalise the church with old church buildings being re-opened and communities being re-formed.

Here in Windsor there is just such a new expression of the church. The Windsor Fellowship is a new initiative within the Church of England that gives people an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in an informal setting. Designed for those of all beliefs and none – and for those with intellectual objections and heartfelt concerns about the Christian worldview – Windsor Fellowship aims to bring meaningful discussion and answers to some of the many questions that people are asking.

Curt and Janice Hopkins

Curt and Janice Hopkins

Long-term Windsor residents, Curt and Janice Hopkins, had a vision to create a community within the Church of England that would give people the space to rediscover their faith outside of a traditional church setting.

“This all began after we ran a Parenting Teenagers course in our home,” stated Curt Hopkins. “We found that lots of people were struggling with the same things as we were: busy-ness, instilling our values in the next generation, building character in our children, and trying to balance everything!”

Janice Hopkins said, “We are grateful that we have had so much support from friends and local clergy and that what began as a simple dream has now grown to up to 50 people coming to our Sunday afternoon meeting.”

The fellowship is officially launching at its new venue, the Windsor Youth and Community Centre (Alma Road, SL4 3HD) on Sunday, 4 October at 4 pm. All are invited to come to the service and stay for a special tea and cake reception afterwards.

About Windsor Fellowship

The Windsor Fellowship, as part of the Church of England, is committed to studying the Bible and deepening our understanding of how biblical truth impacts modern life – work, play and relationships.

We encourage people to ask questions and our doors are open to all. We are all on a faith journey and we invite you to join us as we seek authentic and relevant wisdom for our lives.

Windsor Fellowship is a part of the Church of England as a missional community of Latimer Minster in partnership with St Mary’s Maidenhead.

For more information:

Windsor Fellowship
Curt Hopkins

PDF Version: Windsor Fellowship Press Release, 22 Sep 2015


Our first meeting at the Windsor Youth and Community Centre was very “buzzy”! Thanks to everyone who came along to help set up and clean up. We were very encouraged by how smoothly things ran and how positive the atmosphere was.

Plus, our new study of 1 John was encouraging. We learned that although we all still fall short of what we know we ought to be, God is gracious and forgiving towards his children. All God requires is a contrite heart that seeks Him out in faith. May we endeavour to seek Him more.


Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the various tasks on the rota and to Muffie Shepherd for pulling it all together. If you missed seeing the sign up sheet and would like to be more involved, please do get in touch via email or speak to one of the leaders on Sunday. As we all know, many hands make light work!

There will be a youth service at Latimer Minster on Sunday, 27 September at 6:30 pm. All of the teenagers are very welcome to attend and we will be organising lifts. Please contact Janice to let us know if you’d like to come along.

The 4th of October will be our official launch at our new location. The service will be extra visitor friendly and will be followed by a cream tea. Invitation cards are available—please invite your family and friends!

8 Things You Need to Know About Our New Venue

  1. Time. It is at the same time—4 pm on Sundays.
  2. When is the move? Our first Sunday in the new venue is this Sunday, 13 September.
  3. Location.  The Windsor Youth and Community Centre is off Alma Road behind the police station and Holiday Inn Express (SL4 3HD).
  4. Parking. There is loads of it with 2 hours of free parking. Just hit the green button on the parking machine (without putting money in) and it will give you a two hours free ticket.
  5. Big launch. We are going to do an official launch on 4 October where we will ask everyone to invite friends and people you think would be interested.
  6. Chaos. Bound to happen. 🙂
  7. Help. We will have expanded setup and welcome teams. Please let us know if you can help.
  8. Prayer. Our overarching aim is to create a place in Windsor where people can “rediscover faith”. Can you pray for that?

A Couple Useless Thoughts


As Christians, it is easy to feel that we don’t measure up. It’s also easy to think that other Christians have it all together! Neither of these thought patterns is correct.

 Sam Allberry gave us an overview of the book of 1 John on Sunday.  In chapter 5 verse 13 we are told that John wrote this letter so that Christians can know that they have eternal life. What a wonderful thing. In fact, Sam pointed out that this is helpful on two levels. First, people who have truly trusted in Jesus can be confident that they are in God’s care. Second, there may be people who assume that they are Christian because they have grow up in a Christian culture, but they haven’t actually put their faith in Jesus. The book of 1 John points us all to the risen Christ and encourages us to get to know Him more.

For anyone who missed the sermon, you can listen online here. Sam also encouraged us to read through the book of 1 John this week so that we get a better understanding of what we will be taught over the coming weeks. It’s only five chapters long, so let’s all try to do that.


This Sunday, 13 September will be really exciting as we will have our first meeting at the Windsor Youth and Community Centre! No doubt it will be a bit chaotic the first couple of weeks as we work out how to set up in the gym and how to operate in the new space. However, everyone is very welcome to come along! We will have our official launch on Sunday, 4 October with a special tea after the service. Please invite your friends.

What’s New?

September, as the start of the new academic year, is a time of new beginnings. Here at the Windsor Fellowship, we too are starting several new things.

This Sunday, 6 September, we will celebrate communion together for the first time. Communion is a special time when Christians specifically remember Jesus’ death on our behalf. It focuses our thoughts on the perfection and holiness of Jesus and gives us space to reflect on our need of Him.

On Sunday, 13 September, our Sunday meetings will move to the Windsor Youth and Community Centre on Alma Road. A much bigger space, we are excited about the possibilities this new venue affords. We are giving ourselves three Sundays to settle in, and then on 4 October we will have our “official launch”. Please be thinking about who you can invite!

We will also be starting a new sermon series tomorrow looking at the letter, 1 John. Sam Allberry will be helping us to understand why Christian believers can be sure of salvation.

Home groups will start up in mid-September. If you aren’t in a group but would like to be, please speak to one of us.

We will leave you to ponder a couple of verses from last week’s lesson in Psalm 34:

“Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies. Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”


Don’t Hold Back

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24

Anxiety. Thanks. Despair. Praise. Psalm 31 covers a lot of territory in just a few verses! King David was real with God about his feelings and despite how he felt he continued to turn to God in prayer.

Ups and downs are a part of life but thankfully God rides the waves with us. Prayer is an incredible privilege. Let’s take advantage of it.

This Sunday we will have a guest speaker, Phill Walsh, who is a teacher at Eton College. Phill will be challenging us from Psalm 32. We hope you can join us.



Last Sunday we learned about Passover and God’s rescue of the enslaved Israelites. As God provided a way for his people to escape from the clutches of an evil Pharaoh and grow in their understanding of him, so he provides us with true forgiveness and a way to know him. Just as the Passover lamb was sacrificed for the Israelites so Jesus died on our behalf. The symbolism here is deep and profound. The Old Testament and the New are utterly intertwined and they point out our need for rescue today.
We hope that you can join us again this Sunday to hear more from Sam Allberry on the book of Exodus.

*   *   *

We had a fantastic picnic last weekend complete with silly games and English rain! Thanks to everyone for all the delicious food and your general enthusiasm. Particular thanks goes to Sam Carson who valiantly slaved over the BBQs in the rain, Arlene Carson and Jane Reed who helped with many details and Alex Moore who organised the games.
Thanks, too, to Alicia Felce for organising and entertaining the teens at the social on Saturday. By all accounts it was a really fun party.
The second Men’s Breakfast was well attended. Thanks to Norm Beers for leading. The next one will be held on Saturday, 25 July, 8:15 am at All Bar One in Windsor.

The Healthiest Thing

Windsor church

Health is a priority for all of us. Taking exercise, eating well and sleeping enough play a big part of our lives. And when we aren’t well, we become very focussed on getting better.

Last Sunday, Sam Allberry challenged us with the idea that “the most healthy thing for us is worship.” (If you missed it, you can listen to the sermon here.)

In Exodus 4 God says, “Israel is my firstborn son. Let my son go.” It is a story about the Father God wanting to restore His relationship with His people. Although the Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt, they needed more than physical liberation—they needed to acknowledge God as their father.

We, too, need more than healthy bodies. We need to be brought into God’s family. It is through our worship of God that we are cleansed and made whole. It is through worship that we get to know our gracious heavenly Father.

*   *   *

We had a fantastic turnout for our first prayer focus last night! It was a real encouragement for us all. Stay tuned for the next date.

Other dates for your diary:
Saturday, 27 June – Men’s breakfast at All Bar One, 8:15 am
Saturday, 27 June – Teen Pizza Pool Party at the Felce’s house in Englefield Green, 12:45 pm. Please RSVP to Alicia Felce if you or your teenager(s) can come.
Sunday, 28 June – Picnic BBQ at Beech House prior to the service. Meat and soft drinks will be provided. Please bring either a salad or sweet to share and your own blankets or chairs. Please RSVP to Jane Reed.

Windsor church

Bush Burning

“What do you think about God? Is He the kind of God you want to trust your life with? How about your after-life?”

So began Richard Crane’s sermon on the first part of Exodus 3. By studying the familiar story of Moses and the burning bush, Richard pointed out three aspects of God’s character. First, God is a speaking God who invites us to respond. Second, God is a holy God who deserves our worship. And last, God is a compassionate God who plans our rescue.

We also had a bit of discussion around the idea of slavery. The Hebrew people were slaves in Egypt and were treated cruelly. That was a physical slavery. However, in a spiritual sense all people are slaves. We are either slaves to sin and to the world’s wisdom or we are slaves to God and righteousness. The apostle Paul uses this idea in Romans 6: You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.

We trust that God is at work in all of us to show us the beauty of slavery to righteousness.

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