“Let My People Go”

“Let My People Go”
Paul William preaches on the Ten Plagues.

The Supreme Power of the Creator God
The Sovereign Purpose of the Covenant God
The Saving Plan of the Compassionate God

Exodus 7:14-24​
Exodus 9:13-26​
Exodus 11:1-10

Back to Egypt

Ian Miller preaching on Sunday 18th October 2020. Some questions to consider…

What does your life say about who you think God is?​

How would you fill in the gaps in this sentence: “I want freedom from ______ so that I can ______“​

​Ex 4:23a says “Let my son go, so that he may worship me.” Does that change your answers to questions 1 and 2 above? ​

The Burning Bush

Have you ever wondered what a conversation between a man and God might go?

Taking matters into your own hands

Do you like to matters into your own hands?

The Windsor Fellowship Church met on Sunday 27th September 2020 to worship and continue our series in Exodus 1-2. Will Stileman concludes his third talk on the sovereignty of God preaching on Exodus 2:11-15. His big three points were:
– Trust God and make the right choices 11
– Trust God when you foul up 12-15
– Trust God through times of disappointment. 16-25

The big takeaway: The solution to our problems is not us doing something but God doing something. Our relationship with God does not depend on us but fully on Him.

A Saviour is Born

What are we to do when our life seems to be falling apart?

Hang on to God’s certain promises, his sweeping providence and the Saviour of the world.

Exodus 1:22:2:10. Will Stileman preaching.

The New Pharaoh

What is God like, especially in a time of crisis?

God makes and keeps his promises, so trust him.
God’s promises will be opposed, so be alert.
God remains firmly in control, so fear him.

The New Pharaoh
Will Stileman
Sunday 13 September 2020
Exodus 1

Practical Childlike Fatih

Bible Text: Luke 18:15-17, Romans 1:16-17 | Preacher: Pete Matthew | Practical Childlike Faith

How do you respond to Jesus?

Bible Text: Luke 8:26-39 | Preacher: William Suttie | Series: Jesus at work with… | How do you respond to the awesome power of Jesus?

How do you respond to Jesus?

Bible Text: Luke 7:36-50 | Preacher: Pete Matthew | Series: Jesus at work with… | How do you respond to forgiveness from Jesus?

Cool Distance, or

Costly Devotion

Luke 7:36-50

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