Some parts of the Bible are difficult for us to get our heads around. Last Sunday we had a look at Exodus 22, which has a whole list of “do nots.” Some of these commands make sense, but others may seem irrelevant. So, what did our preacher, Sam Allberry, have to say about this passage?

First, everything in life is about God’s grace. Although God’s rules might be hard for us to understand, we must trust that His rules are ultimately for our good because He loves us and He wants to bless us. 

Second, all of life is to be lived for God. The Bible is practical. Knowing God will change our daily behaviour. Every area of our lives should be done “Christian-ly.”

Lastly, the grace that saves us will change us. As members of God’s family, we will, over time, becme more like God. God’s warmth and welcome toward us will make us warm and welcoming. God’s compassion will cause us to be more compassionate. God’s generosity will flow through us to others.

What a privilege it is to be part of such a wonderful family, with God as our Father. Come along this afternoon to hear from Exodus 24-25. The sermon title is “How to be friends with God.”

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